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CBSE Aims to Reduce Burden of School Bags

We have seen students carrying school bags heavily loaded with books. Incidents of students facing severe spinal problems because of heavy bags forced the parents, teachers, and policy makers to ponder over this problem and find a solution to it. With this in view, the ministry of human resource development (MHRD) is working towards the … Continue reading “CBSE Aims to Reduce Burden of School Bags”

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Preparing for the Maths Exam

Mathematics is such a subject where you can easily score very good marks. Weightage given to different topics is different There is step marking for the questions So before beginning to prepare for the subject, keep few things in mind. Sort the chapters according to priority: Some topics for example, Calculus or Algebra carry highest … Continue reading “Preparing for the Maths Exam”


For the Students, To the Students, By UnfoldU

If we look back at the last decade we will realize that the growth of the e-learning platform has been extra ordinary. It started in the late 1990’s when information started being served to the people at their place, time and mode of convenience. E-learning is actually blending face-to-face teaching with online teaching. It gave … Continue reading “For the Students, To the Students, By UnfoldU”