For the Students, To the Students, By UnfoldU

If we look back at the last decade we will realize that the growth of the e-learning platform has been extra ordinary. It started in the late 1990’s when information started being served to the people at their place, time and mode of convenience.

E-learning is actually blending face-to-face teaching with online teaching. It gave those facilities to students and parents which were not available to them otherwise. Many problems which were taking a toll on the students while offline learning were solved.

As an online learning platform Unfoldu intents to merge learning with technology to take education at all levels to a higher pedestal. We designed our learning mechanism not just from the point of view of a student but also from the point of view of their parents.

Let’s have a look at those aspects one by one:

  • Retention Capacity of Students: Every student has a different retention or grasping power. Some are quick learners while others are slow. It has been seen that in a classroom most students are either ahead or slower than the average class. So in a class there are numerous students and one teacher is expected to pay attention to all. Eventually the process of learning happens at the teachers pace of teaching and not at the students pace to study.
  • At Unfoldu, be it a fast learner or a slow learner, the student can study any material any number of times.
  • Learning through Internet: With the advent of internet in our country, a lot of researches were conducted by different institutions to see whether it has a positive or a negative impact on learning. E-learning enhances the productivity when used in proper manner.
  • Gadget Responsive Content: The content we serve the students can be used on any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. So even if you don’t have a laptop, don’t worry because you can still study with us through your smartphone.
  • Improved Speed of Learning: Every topic and sub-topic has been explained with the help of animations, interactive videos, PowerPoint presentations and different types of exercises. These are different modes to keep the student’s mind active. We have made our effort to allow the student utilize his/her time efficiently.
  • Immediate Results for The Practice Exercises: In offline tutorials when the student appears for an exam or even a test, they have to wait for their papers to be examined and then scrutinize or analyze the mistakes they did. But Unfoldu made sure that the students time should be saved by sharing immediate results with them.

Parents want specialized and personalized teaching method for their students, different students have their own strong and weak points. Teachers have to pay equal attention to all students and also make sure that the class doesn’t lag behind in their syllabus. Unfoldu decided to fill the gap and fulfill the expectations of all.

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