Importance of MCQ’s and True & False Questions:

“Mathematics is the music of reason.” – James Joseph Sylvestermcq-tf

To allow the music of reason to flow it is imperative to absorb the subject. Keeping in mind the level of competitiveness, it is of utmost importance that students are equally efficient with the concepts of the chapter. The statements, the formulae, the tricks involved in sailing through the questions have to be at their tips. The best way to do so is to face multiple choice and true and false. Most competitive examinations have already adopted these patterns for judging the candidates for various reasons. It opens a broad range for teachers to test the students or applicants for that matter on various aspects.

Such questions carry a stem/statement followed by options. One of the options is the right answer.

There are various advantages of multiple choice questions and questions based on true and false statements:

  • STAT: Multiple choice and true & false questions are Short Time Accuracy Test. Questions that carry an option (whether multiple choice or true and false) allow easy, quick and efficient assessment of the student’s understanding for simple as well as complex concepts. MCQs give accuracy while true and false type questions give precision to the students.
  • Conceptual Test: Multiple choice and true & false questions are appropriate for testing the skillfulness and capability of the students. Parents and teachers can know and assess whether their ward is actually learning or not what they are expected to learn.
  • Helps Structure the Focal Point of Study: The most important step in the phase of planning the study is to know the weak as well as strong points. Students can know their strengths and weaknesses only when they attempt different questions beyond their comfort zone.
  • Comfort Zone: In our minds we all have a zone of comfort where we feel that it is easy for us to solve or face any problem (or questions in this case). Attempting new questions automatically pushes their comfort zone. And their horizon of potential thinking broadens.
  • Zone of Potential Thinking: The most important task for teachers is to make the students familiar with their potential level of thinking. They can make use of MCQs and true & false questions for their advantage.
  • Overcomes Anxiety: More than half of the students feel an adrenaline kick from the time period they attempt a test or an exam till they get to know their results. Regular practice of different types of questions pacifies their anxiety and puts them in a comfort zone emotionally. So not just psychologically but also emotionally practicing option based questions is very beneficial for them.

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