CBSE Exam Pattern Changed

CBSE has brought a solution to the problems faced by the students by changing the examination pattern. The exam papers are now going to be easier than before. In order to facilitate the student understand the new pattern the Central board of secondary education has also released sample papers. Question Paper Design and Break-up Introduction … Continue reading “CBSE Exam Pattern Changed”


Vedic Mathematics

Most students in India have been seen facing problems in Mathematics. The issue is not in the way it is taught or what they read but in the clarity of concepts and their applications. Here is where mental maths takes its position. It improves the comprehension and concentration level of the learner. It also develops … Continue reading “Vedic Mathematics”


Technology & Education

The acceptance of technology in our lives can be analyzed by the use technology in the various sectors. In earlier days, the utility of technology was a debatable topic as to whether its impact is positive or negative. Despite differing views on the use of technology in education, the growth of the digital education market … Continue reading “Technology & Education”


Importance of MCQ’s and True & False Questions:

“Mathematics is the music of reason.” – James Joseph Sylvester To allow the music of reason to flow it is imperative to absorb the subject. Keeping in mind the level of competitiveness, it is of utmost importance that students are equally efficient with the concepts of the chapter. The statements, the formulae, the tricks involved … Continue reading “Importance of MCQ’s and True & False Questions:”