For the Students, To the Students, By UnfoldU

If we look back at the last decade we will realize that the growth of the e-learning platform has been extra ordinary. It started in the late 1990’s when information started being served to the people at their place, time and mode of convenience. E-learning is actually blending face-to-face teaching with online teaching. It gave … Continue reading “For the Students, To the Students, By UnfoldU”


Evolving the Method of Learning

Unfoldu understands the difficulties faced by our teachers in making even tiresome topics interesting. Although animation has evolved as the easiest way of teaching, but it takes a toll on our teachers when it comes to creating it for them. Change is the only constant phenomenon of this universe. It is therefore time for evolution … Continue reading “Evolving the Method of Learning”


Re-examining Our Education System

Twelve years in school, we follow a set pattern of study and a time table with a list of subjects that our school provides us according to the board of education. Thereafter, once we are done with our school and college education, we are conferred with the coveted degrees and feel proud to be educated. … Continue reading “Re-examining Our Education System”


Dear Parents, Leave Your Worries To Us

Parents live their dreams through their child. From the day their young one is born all they want is to educate the child and help it have the knowledge needed to lead a good life. At times even after enrolling the kids in the best institution/school possible they fail to score well. Reasons for not … Continue reading “Dear Parents, Leave Your Worries To Us”