Say Goodbye to Maths Fear!!!

Today more than 80 per cent students are scared of Mathematics. The bud of fear is instilled in their minds from the very beginning. A child’s brain is very susceptible, the fear develops from a general perception that Mathematics is a very difficult subject. This impression creates a void in their psychology that makes them … Continue reading “Say Goodbye to Maths Fear!!!”


Let’s Play Maths!

Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers. – Shakuntala Devi known as the ‘human computer’ From calculation of household budget to management studies, Mathematics is everywhere. Mathematics is not just an important subject for classroom study but is also used in almost every sphere of our life. … Continue reading “Let’s Play Maths!”


One-stop Study Material for All Boards

Tuitions have become an essential feature of the education system. With the spiraling competition it gets mandatory for parents to provide all the help possible to their children. Technology coupled with the need for tuitions prepared the ground for online tutorials. Online tutorials took the facilities of study help to the doorstep of the students. … Continue reading “One-stop Study Material for All Boards”


How Can Mathematics be Fun ???

Math is the most dreaded subject for most students, to the extent that they also happen to build an aversion to it. Math can be fun too. It is not a myth but a reality. For many of us if math can be fun, then the color of blood can be yellow and that of … Continue reading “How Can Mathematics be Fun ???”