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Category: Parents


The Era of Micro learning – UnfoldU

Micro learning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small and very specific capsules. In this type of learning the learners are in control of what and when they are learning or they want to learn. This comprises of any form of media made available on any device. UnfoldU’s study material … Continue reading “The Era of Micro learning – UnfoldU”


The Edtech Innovation – UnfoldU

India is the second largest education destination in the global education market. The India Brand Equity Foundation flecked the Indian e-learning sector at USD 2-3 billion second only to the US. It is expected that the market will grow to USD 40 billion by the year 2017. It has been anticipated from a long time … Continue reading “The Edtech Innovation – UnfoldU”


CBSE Exam Pattern Changed

CBSE has brought a solution to the problems faced by the students by changing the examination pattern. The exam papers are now going to be easier than before. In order to facilitate the student understand the new pattern the Central board of secondary education has also released sample papers. Question Paper Design and Break-up Introduction … Continue reading “CBSE Exam Pattern Changed”


Technology & Education

The acceptance of technology in our lives can be analyzed by the use technology in the various sectors. In earlier days, the utility of technology was a debatable topic as to whether its impact is positive or negative. Despite differing views on the use of technology in education, the growth of the digital education market … Continue reading “Technology & Education”