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Moving to Online Education…. (From scratch pads to ipads)


From phones to cars to medicine technology touches every part of our lives. And if you are ready to adapt the technology and Innovations, you can change the world. In 21st Century, Online education is a focal point through which we experience most of our world. Digital education innovators and professionals Dr. George Siemens, Dr. Dragan Gasevic and Dr. Shane Dawson has strong analytics that online education has experienced three particular ages of advancement and now a fourth is rising. This fourth era incorporates digitally shaped and widely distributed online education platforms and models.

It is nothing but one of the latest & best self improvement mantra. It’s been proved that
seeing is understanding and a picture with motion & audio worth a thousand words. Research says, students adore motion pictures which is presently being served on platform of online education in a broad visualized form. Undoubtedly, this era will witness more and more of such classrooms.

Google, KPMG has found that online education will be a $2 bn Industry in India by 2021. A case study of around 260 million is probably going to wind up the biggest classification by 2021 to reach $773 million users. However, primary and secondary education category has the largest addressable audience. Competitive exams and many other such tests, which is a quite a little fragment today is expected to develop at a CAGR ( Compond Annual Growth Rate) of 64% for every penny to wind up a $515 million in 2021.

It’s a fact that online learning would completely replace traditional programs. With over six million students, currently enrolled in online learning programs, there is no future in academia without online education. Bill Gates believes that by 2030, online courses can bring wildly better education to anyone with a Smartphone or tablet. At this stage of online education revolution,” if we tell students to be away from online education, it’s like asking a doctor to save a life with one hand tied behind his back.”

All in all, no one can deny the fact that online education exists globally and many have already captured this platform and rest has to enter sooner or later in this new creation of micro learning concept.

“Let’s act smartly before it’s too late, Choice is yours!”

Ms. Aruna
Educationist | TAL Trainer | Life Coach |