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Reducing Loads from Students Shoulders- Lets’ Go Bagless


In 21st Century, everything is turning digital, computerized and dependent on the world of Internet. Most of the organizations and their leaders n’ mentors working day and night on new methodologies changing it from bricks to clicks. Today we have, faster transportation, faster communication, abundant knowledge and it is growing multifold, thanks to digital revolution.

According to a study in silicon valley , in the next 6 years, 4 billion “new minds” are going to be connected to the World Wide Web on mega connection speeds and on near zero-cost. By 2024, we will be associating each individual on Earth to the web with data transmissions.

Now question is who is preparing NEW MINDS OF Today?

Schools play a vital role to teach new minds to adapt the latest technology with an acceptance of changes around us. Schools are the ones that prepare students for the digital workforce of today and tomorrow. Bagless school is a great concept; various studies have shown carrying a school bag that weighs 10% more than the child’s body weight has led to pain in the lower back, shoulders and hands. The load of a School Bag, as estimated, weighs about 6 to 12 Kgs at primary level and 12 to 17 Kgs at high School level.

Designing smart classrooms is not enough unless smart classrooms consider that we should develop technology with a transformation into bag less culture in schools. New young minds born with iPads and PlayStations are well versed with power of web empowered portals for solving any query within fraction of seconds. Education technology has provided these students with an enabling environment that is more participatory, updated and inclusive.

Making a discussion and implementing this innovative decision of bag less culture should be thought over by National Authorities. However, a collaborative opinion says our new devices and the connective abilities in the hands of students are radically changing the way we study, take exams and look at the world generally. It has even changed the ways we cook with abundance of food science, recipes, cuisines and similar stuff on the WEB. Online platforms are changing our shopping styles, buying process and payment methods. Undoubtedly, web indexes percentage are growing rapidly. The same needs to be applied in reducing loads from student’s shoulders. We can all get together and transform new minds into a SMART MIND in smart classroom instead of being an ORDINARY MIND in smart classroom.

Ms. Aruna
Educationist |TAL Trainer |Life Coach